Brittany (snickerdoodle7) wrote in teenjesusfreaks,

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yay! more members :-D

wow, im so glad that people have joined this community. for a while there i was scared that nobody would join for a loooong time. and, to any teen jesus freak who is thinking about joining, u dont even have to ask! please join, i'd love to have u here. im sure that the other brothers and sisters in christ who are already here would love to have u here too.

well, that's all i'll say for now.

God bless!

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Hi my name is also Brittany i am a friend of kirstens and would like to join plz. Will u join my community its jesusluvers. Thanxs Britt
of course u may join! we'd love to have u here
awesome community!! I like it! mine if I join??? My name's courtney by the way!
of course u may join, courtney, it would be wonderful :-)